Half Baked Horror

Explain to me how it is possible for a brand to get some things SO right but yet SO wrong at the same time.

It isn’t one of my regular ‘go-to’ brands as I’ve never found it to be my style, nothing against it I am still a big fan it just doesn’t fit into my day-to-day wardrobe and probably won’t anytime soon. Ted Baker has always, since I can remember got it right with it’s men’s collections however I’ve always had very questionable thoughts about it’s women’s. This season I have not been able to look past it as I feel S/S ’14 women’s is quite possibly unforgivable. Please see my case evidence below…



ImageCall me biased and raise the point that I’ve picked the worst of a bad bunch but these are what Tedquarters are calling their ‘key pieces’ for this season. I am trying to figure out what point the TB design team thought pairing the Jude Law styled man with the Michelle Obama style woman was ever going to change the world.

As always, I am not one to judge a brand on a one-off season failure, however TB has been getting it’s ‘jelly’ products wrong for more years than I care to count. Please see below the most horrendous of all accessories known to man…

Imageand don’t worry it still comes in both large and small sizes, depending on how big of a fashion fail you want to be.

I know, I know I’m being harsh but when I see them, I see this…


As in the type of memorabilia bag that’s totally acceptable to purchase when you visit a new city but is then totally unacceptable to use anytime after you then leave that city, under the age of 40.

Loopy Loo x

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