Ducking Around


It’s the age old question: What came first, the Tiffany or the egg? You can make up your own mind on that one but I know where my loyalties lie.

It’s my favorite color of 2014 so far, mainly because, like me it’s in denial about the Jan-March period and has skipped straight to Spring. Tah-dah! It’s safe to say that a duck egg can come out in many different shades so whether it’s a Tiffany green or a pastel blue, you’ll still be right on trend.

You’d be surprised how many brands seem quite reserved in selling this color (Zara is the only brand that have really managed to pull it off), I had to struggle to find my top picks but as always I’ve gone for quality not quantity:

Image1.’Finna’ Bow Detail Dress / Ted Baker / £149

2. Pleated Mini Skirt / Zara / £29.99

3. Pastel Colored Faux Leather Zip Jacket / Zara / £69.99

4. Wrap Front Silk Skirt / Vionnet @ Net-a-Porter/ £770

5. Peplum Halter Neck Top / ASOS / £35

If it scares you knowing the best color to wear with this is WHITE. Yes, WHITE in January, have no fear there are subtle options too…


1.’Absolutely Shore’ / Essie / £9.99

2. Blue Moon Jewel Necklace / ASOS / £20

3. Leather Shopper with Laminated Interior / Zara / £89.95

Loopy Loo x

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