Game face Girl

You think waking up on a Monday and having to put on your game face for the 50 people in your office is hard? Imagine doing it for 26,000 people (GUYS!) every weekend, oh and by the way you’re getting photographed at every angle whilst dancing around in the freezing cold. Now you can understand why I wanted to know how it’s possible to look this good, that often.


Meet Claire, one of my oldest friends and Vice Captain of ‘The Crystals’, cheer-leading squad for Crystal Palace FC.

What is your natural hair?

Brunette and ermm, kind of wavy I guess.

Favorite way to wear your hair on match day?

Straight but curled at the ends.

Favorite hair products?

TRESemmeFreeze Hold – the big white tin!

Hate it when people….do what with their hair?

Wear half wigs and ponytail hair pieces, they turn so ratty after one wear!

Favorite nail color to wear on match day?

We have to wear either red or French tips.


Mine are always Shellac.

Hate it when people….do what with their nails?

Bite down so much they become stubs!!!

Favorite self tanner?

Garnier body, ‘bodysummer’ moisturising lotion…the apricot one, it’s what I have on now.

Skin routine?

I don’t have a skin routine; I like to eat junk food…but not fast food.

Make up essentials for match day –

Mascara:       I always have falsies on but I also use Mac Zoom Lash mascara in ‘black’.

Eyelashes:    Girls with Attitude all styles, they are amazing value!

Foundation:  Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Concealer:    Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’

Bronzer:        Hourglass Superficial Bronzer, it’s waterproof plus the packaging is awesome!

Hate it when people….do what with their make up?

Stick on eyelashes wrong!

Can’t live without what?

My false eyelashes.


You can follow Claire on Instagram and Twitter @claireeglinton or see her on a Saturday afternoon at Selhurst Park (but she might be a little further away!).

Loopy Loo x

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