What I’m Listening To…



1. Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side Of the Moon

Favorite songs: ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ but it’s album only on iTunes so you gotta buy the whole thing!

I had no idea who sang this song or who this guy was and then I googled him…he is the definition of why you SHOULD judge a book by it’s cover. #babe Oh and his album is awesome too.

2. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Favorite Songs: ‘Rap God’ or ‘Stronger Than I Was’ (the majority get a thumbs up from me).

He is the best act I’ve ever seen live so any album he releases it gets an immediate download from me. Also it keeps up my street cred for when I listen to albums like the next…

3. One Direction – Midnight Memories

Favorite Songs: ‘Story Of My Life’ and ‘Best Song Ever’

I caved. I’m now a ‘directioner’. Have seen them live and have been lucky/cougarish enough to meet them at a few award shows over the last couple of years. They have my vote and I do not care how generic my favorite song choices are, you feel the same way.

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